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Lilit Avetyan

Lilit Avetyan

Accessory maker, artist, and designer


“The Nature and I create together.”
“Art is something that helps to face life hardships.”
“Fashion is a game: if you wish, you accept the terms of the game. Meanwhile, I prefer to create my own game.”

Lilit Avetyan

Accessory maker, artist, and designer Lilit Avetyan was born in Armenia to artistic parents. Her Father is the People’s Artist of the Republic of Armenia, Anatoly Avetyan. 

In 1997, she graduated from P. Terlemezian State Art College with a diploma of honours qualified in design. In 2002, Avetyan finished the State Academy of Fine Arts of Armenia – as a fashion designer. Since then, she has been teaching in the Academy.

In different years, she completed various courses in fashion at a private stained glass studio in Indiana, USA, ATEX fashion studio, Domus Academy in Milan, Military Official’s Center in Yerevan, etc.

Since 1998, she has been promoting her own series of accessories and jewels labelled under the trademark LIAVET.

Since 2008, Avetyan has been a member of the Artists’ Union of Armenia, and since 2018, she has been heading the  Decorative-applied Arts Department of the Union mentioned above. 

In 2013, in Tbilisi, Georgia, she received the Best Heritage Certificate in South Caucasus within the nomination of crafts.

On average, Lilit Avetyan organises and/or takes part in about 7-10 solo and group exhibitions – both in Armenia and abroad.

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