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“Knar Ceramic Art”

“Knar Ceramic Art”



"Pottery is not a craft if not art"

"We are convinced that Knar Ceramic Art will find its unique place in the history of china art both worldwide and in Armenia"

ceramist artist Gurgen Vachyan

"Knar Ceramic Art" began its activities in 2016. The founder is artist Gurgen Vachyan. The company tries to introduce Armenian porcelain art – one of the most vivid expressions of the Armenian national identity – through his works.

Among the sets of porcelain art items are the pieces of "Kutina Armenian china history" (16th – 20th centuries), with the help of which the artist tries to revalue and make known the rich heritage and experience of Armenian that have been transferred to us through centuries. Based on that heritage and experience, "Knar Ceramic Art" creates samples of art which combine the old and the new due to the artist's creative mindset and imagination.

Pottery is the brunch of a culture where the separation line between the professionals, specialised school representatives and craftspeople is really subtle. This art evidences Armenians' high cultural taste level, their sense of beauty and great love.

"Knar Ceramic Art" has currently grouped around young Armenian artists and painters who study and introduce to the public the knowledge and experience gained by the company's founder, Gurgen Vachyan, throughout the whole trajectory of his creativity.

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